Rapha Club Jersey

Rapha ‘Club’ Jersey
😦 Men’s
May 2007

A new clothing brand for cyclists has hit Los Angeles. Rapha is well-made, upscale, good-looking clothing; stuff that looks and feels great on and off the bike. I just got the Izoard ‘club’ jersey. Honestly, I don’t care that it’s a men’s jersey. Yes, it’s a little loose in the waistline, but the fabric has such extraordinary draping quality, that it frames the feminine figure it a pleasing way, anyway. The fabric is 40% merino wool and 60% polyester. This fabric feels so soft – absolutely NO itchiness whatsoever. It is without a doubt the softest jersey I own. It has many little extras, such as a pump pocket, two decent sized back pockets, and a zippered waterproof pocket for your Ipod (or whatever). The silicone gripper at the bottom (in the back only) is just enough to hold the jersey in place while riding, never felt uncomfortable. Rapha is a British company, new to the American scene. I have a very good feeling about them gaining status quickly. Although they are a bit pricey by American standards ($140.00 and up for jerseys), it’s true quality. These jerseys are meant to last for years.


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