I Martin Imports Bike Shop

I Martin Imports
8330 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90048

First, full disclosure:
I used to work for I Martin’s. first as a mechanic, and then an asst. clothing buyer/ sales. I’ll try to make this as objective as possible.

This is a great example of how good stores work from the top down: Good general manager generates good staff around him (plus, inherited some great people), equals a bike shop that runs smoothly, but still has the feel of a local bike shop. Jaime is the Top Dawg at I Martin’s. He’s the one I’m talking about when I say this place runs well from the top down.

Most people who enter a bike shop are looking for service for their bike; that’s a just statistical fact. That’s why it’s so important for a bike shop to have a good service department, as well as a good liaison to the customer.
When you walk up to the service department ,most likely you’ll meet Tennyson the Service Manager. You’ll find him a charming a friendly sort, who makes the whole experience of having your bike repaired relatively easy and pleasant.
The whole service department does a good job, but I.Martin’s has a not-so-secret weapon in their service department that makes them reign supreme. His name is Milton, aka Maestro. I’ve been lucky enough watch him work on all kinds of bicycles from start to finish; he’s just poetry in motion. He knows how to fine-tune a bike better than anyone. Period. Think that’s just my opinion? Here’s an excerpt from the I.Martin History Webpage:
“…When the Olympics came to down in 1984, I. Martin was the bike shop of choice for dozens of nations in need of gear. Maestro, our prized mechanic, built 1,000 wheels himself that summer…”
“…When Greg LeMond needed a bike assembled after winning his second Tour de France, where’d he go? I. Martin. The same goes for that Lance Armstrong guy. Our mechanics have worked on his bikes so much it’s almost commonplace…”

Yes, it’s all about Maestro. Yes, it’s all true. You want the very best mechanic in town to work on your sweet baby? Go here, see him.
Of course, I also ride his work. I LOVE the wheels he built for my single speed mountain bike.

I just have to say this: Girls, I’m sure this wasn’t planned, but oh my, they are a handsome bunch there! Of course, I say this in a purely objective way. (I’m happily married, and far older than, well, ahem, ‘some’ of them.) But what really makes them hot is, they know about bikes, so they’re more than just eye candy, ;-).
My favorites on the floor? Lenny and Todd. I can tell you that FOR SURE, neither one will steer you wrong., and you will walk out happy if they help you. They are the go-to guys for bikes, and know a fair bit about clothing too (even women’s stuff!!!)


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