Orange 20 Bike Shop

Orange 20 Bike Shop
720 N. Heliotrope Rd.
Los Angeles, CA

Orange 20 is an extraordinary little store. It specializes in urban riding, which means fixed gear bikes commuter bikes, etc. This makes perfect sense for its completely urban location (not too far from LACC). It is associated with many bike advocacy programs, and has a friendly rapport with Bicycle Kitchen located across the street (Bicycle Kitchen is a non profit “learning space” for people who love bikes). The store definitely has a lean towards fixed gear urban riders, but they are welcoming to everyone and have an underlying theme of “bikes as transportation”. As to the talent of their staff; wow, do I have a story to tell….
I was panicking. I’d been panicking since I knocked my rear wheel so badly out of true that it felt like I was riding a clown bike with square wheels. That was a couple of days ago. Three mechanics had tried to true this wheel (I will only name myself as one), but it was still vibrating and pulsing at high speeds. Man, is that a scary feeling. I kept thinking that there was no way that I could do the ALC ride on a wheel like that. I couldn’t afford a new wheel. A friend of mine came to my rescue, by hooking me up with Jack from Orange 20. Believe me when I tell you that wheel building and truing are an art form as much as a science. Jack has an eye and feel for wheels, that you only see every once in a great while. I stayed there and watched as he played my wheel like a harp, and managed to true the untruable wheel in about 35 minutes. If ever I need wheels built for me (and I will), I will go to straight to Orange 20 and ask for Jack.
Location: near LACC, East Los Angeles


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