Tips for Women on How to Choose Good Cycling Shorts

Things to Look for in a Nice Short

Multi-directional stretch-
This is a good thing for shorts, because it makes the fabric conform to the body better.

Micro-Macro lycra-
That’s fabric that is micro-weaved on the inside to enhance wicking properties, macro-weaved on the outside to evaporate the water.

Triple stitch flatlock seams-
It is flatter (therefore more comfortable) and more durable than a simple overlock seam.

Silicon grippers-
Now on many upper end shorts, these are far more comfortable than the traditional (squeeze my leg ’til it looks like a sausage) grippers.

Articulated Chamois –
This seems the way to go for many high- end chamois. An exception is Etxe Ondo, who make a deliciously comfortable oldskool chamois, now available in women’s.

Multi-density Chamois- The part of the pad that needs the highest density is directly under the sit bones; this is where you will support the majority of your weight. Many companies have varied density throughout the pad, for extra comfort. Good examples of this are SheBeest and Etxe Ondo.


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