Loeka Tech Capri Baggy Shorts: Winter 2007 Favorite Winter Baggies

Loeka is a fairly new brand based out of Vancouver. This clothing line is created for and by the female downhill / freeride cyclist. These are serious mountain biking shorts, made seriously feminine. The interior is fully lined with a soft lycra, so no more annoying thigh rub from rough, stiff fabric. The shell is a soft microsuede polyester, making them durable yet supple, and good looking. They have stretch panels in the hips, which helps them to sit correctly on your hips whether on the bike or standing around. Surprisingly, the lining which provides extra protection while mountain biking, is very light material, so even the Capri’s are not that heavy. Still these are what I would consider to be good for a Southern California winter, as that extra layer really does keep you warm. Cross-country riders should ride with liners w/ chamois.

The same things that make them great for mountain biking make them great for the commuter as well. I’ve commuted over the mountains, and through city streets in these and felt equally at home, and comfortable. (I use a liner with chamois for anything over 5 miles). The Capri length is a bit more comfortable to me, but that’s just my style. I’d say these are good for just about anything except serious road rides (I don’t recommend baggies for road riding).

(Take note that the 2007 version runs one size too small. Try one size up).


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