Etxe Ondo Bera Knickers Spring 2008 New Favorite All-Around Knicker

The Bera Knickers have been around for a couple years, and have become a staple for the Etxe Ondo Collection. But the exciting news is that they’ve now upgraded the pad. They used to have a pad that was similar to many other good women’s chamois out on the market. The Bera Knickers have the same pad as the Oyama, so obviously they are now a dream to ride. I was delighted to see that Etxe Ondo have made a good thing better; they’ve improved their women’s chamois pad so much, that it’s now my new all-around favorite.

  • They’ve put more density in the pad directly under the sit bones, where it’s needed most (and just a few other well needed places).
  • They’ve curved the profile of the chamois pad, so that there isn’t a sudden “step” in the pad. This means that there’s less chance of getting chafed from the “edge on the pad.
  • They’ve put in a channel in the middle of the chamois. This is the most important improvement as far as I’m concerned, as it removes pressure from the place where there are a lot nerve endings. It has made this chamois magnificent to ride.

The fabric is a soft light Lycra, making it their summer knickers, and my choice for the many milder winter days we have in southern California. Where the Oyama’s have an elegance to them, the Bera Knickers have a Sporty look to them. The way they cut the knees and leg openings is just remarkable. They’ve sloped the leg opening downward, to make it lay more comfortably on the calf. The end fabric has a criss-cross detailing at the knee to make the knicker leg contour the knee properly while in bike position. This is the most comfortable leg opening for a pair of knickers that I’ve ever tried. Quite inventive and cool looking too. This may seem like a small improvement, but for a gal like me who has unusually large calves, this leg opening is the difference between “constantly annoying” and “didn’t notice I was wearing them”. Since they’ve upgraded the pad in these, they are quickly become my favorite all-around knickers, including mountain biking.


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One Response to “Etxe Ondo Bera Knickers Spring 2008 New Favorite All-Around Knicker”

  1. cyclemaven Says:

    I love these SOOOO much. BEST chamois, BEST leg opening, comfortable cut, and finally, great looking.
    STILL the ones….

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