SheBeest Boardrider Capri Spring/Summer 2007 Favorite Summer Mountain Knickers

These are the best things to wear while cross-country mountain biking; so say many cross –country mountain biking women I talk with. There’s good reason why these are so popular in Southern California. There are so many good things about these, I hardly know where to begin.

-They are flattering on just about every figure I’ve seen them on, from extra small to extra large.

-They have a pull-out liner with a fairly good pad (a lighter version of the Shelastic pad you’ll find in the Pedal Pushers),

-They have light and soft outer Capri made of MicroFlex, a SheBeest exclusive fabric. These Capri’s look great once you’ve removed the chamois liner, making them a great candidate for a commuter pant. On summer days it’s easy to slip off the chamois and wear the shell, because the material is soft and light. However, note well that the shells are a light and stretchy fabric, so not for the modest if worn alone.

-The MicroFlex material can withstand hard crashes, and thorny bush grabs; the material just does not snag! Claudia Reid, the designer for the SheBeest clothing line, has delighted us with updated chamois, and fresh colors for these Capris each year she’s had them in her collection. And they’ve also always included the standard black, with white stitching (quite nice).

-They are the most comfortable Capri for those hot summer months, when you’d like a little coverage on your thighs, but don’t want to wear a tight because it’s too hot. They also keep poison oak, bugs, and stinging nettles off the legs nicely. 

– And once again, Shebeest knocks me out with value. $85.00



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