Sugoi RS Knickers Spring 2008 Favorite New Road Knickers

I’d heard rumors from several women that the RS short from Sugoi was well worth checking out. My problem with Sugoi was that I’d tried  a short of theirs a few year’s ago, when they still used seams at the chamois articulation. This caused me horrible saddle sores, causing me to swear off them. Well, gone are those seams, and in its place is one of the nicest chamois for women. They turned to welding the seams (as has most of the market), which is far more comfortable, and less likely to cause chaffing.

When I first saw the chamois, well I was hesitant. The step up on the sit bones seemed smart, only if they were very well placed. And wouldn’t the sharp contrast in density and step be felt on the sit bones? Well, the only time I felt the sharp contrast, was while sitting on a regular surface, like a chair. The moment I sat on the saddle, the chamois made perfect sense. So far I really love it. I’ll be interested to see how the knickers perform on longer rides, like a century.

The material and the cut are both wonderful. The fabric did not have the best “hand feel” at first (that is, the reaction of how soft a fabric feels when you grab it with you’re hand). It felt, well, a bit scaly, like a small fish. But this is the thing that just tinkles me about highly technical fabric. While on and riding, the fabric feels so nice against the skin, but in a way that’s still hard for me to describe in words (you’ll have to wait for the update review). It does feel lively and responsive to your movements rather than restrictive, as some fabrics can be. The fabric is also the one the newer “dimpled” fabrics. Lately a few brands have utilized the concept cutting down on air drag by creating a dimpled surface effect on cycling apparel (using the same idea as that of a golf ball surface). Sugoi’s Ultra Aero fabric is designed in this way as well, possibly maing this a good fabric for road racing. (I let you know if I’m noticeably faster while wearing these 😉 ).

 And the cut is a beautiful design. I don’t know how the shorts fit yet (though I’ve heard good reports), but the knickers are amazing. The lines were cut for a real, three-dimensional woman, with real hips, even! The waist is high in the back, and not too low in the front. It has a drawstring as well as light elastic in the waistband, which I find very comfortable. Definitely technical and cool looking.

Two things you should know about the RS Knickers;

1- they may run small (this is one of the few brands that I’ve had to take a medium ), and

2- the material is somewhat delicate, and therefore NOT good for off-road. It would not survive the occasional spill one takes while mountain biking. These would probably be great knickers for a charity ride, or some other distance/ multi-day event, or road racing (that did not involve lots of crashing). I’ll submit another review after I’ve worn them for a century.


One Response to “Sugoi RS Knickers Spring 2008 Favorite New Road Knickers”

  1. cyclemaven Says:

    Update: I find myself avoiding these lately, because of three things:
    1. The elastic on the calf bugs me
    2. The waistband on either my EO Bera Knickers, or my Castelli Fever knickers is more comfortable.
    3. Both of the above knickers have a far more comfortable chamois for me. I find the platform on the sitbones too thick, and while using these for a century, ended up with a huge saddle sore at the edge of the platform. I’ve heard that this has been a problem for a few people, particularly the lighter riders who don’t have the heft to compress the chamois properly. On the other hand, those people who love the chamois, LOVE the RS line.

    The fabric is REALLY nice.

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