Coaching with an Injury

it kinda looks like I was misdiagnosed back in July, because the same ankle just got re-injured a couple of weeks ago. I find out next week what’s really happening, but until then, I’ve had to lay off of the hills for myself. The ankle is bad enough that, doctor’s orders, I have to back out of the MS ride. What a harsh year this has been for me, as a rider! Oh well, la forta del destin….
So, last week I took my riders on a tour of Stunt Rd., with a couple of hill intervals afterward. Stunt is basically a chug-a-long road, about 3 miles at ~6% grade, so just wonderful hill training ground.
This past Saturday, we wanted a flatter, longer course, so we rode PCH together. What a great ride! We practiced some formation riding, and holding momentum through rollers, as well as, (of course), riding in high speed traffic. Traffic on PCH is definitely a challenge, and not one to be taken lightly, but certainly worth the effort for the beautiful scenery, by the shoreline. I’m delighted by the way my clients are coming along, facing their fears, and improving all around. I think this is turning out to be a particularly good series, even with the “gimpy” coach!


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