Diary of the injured coach?

Really? Is that what it’s going to turn into? Well, yeah, if things keep moving along like this.
I would say that I was hmmm, “not very impressed” by my last two “sports injury” doctors.
Neither of them took time to listen to the history of the joint, digest the information, and properly diagnose what was going on.
For example, the last “doctor” thoroughly wasted my visit, by ruling out one the thing that it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t — a broken bone. I told him that I was having A LOT of pain since re-injuring the ankle three weeks ago, and that since I have a high tolerance for pain, it’s a BIG warning sign that something is wrong (at least it has been in the past). I told him it wasn’t a broken bone, and that THIS felt like tendon or ligament, but he wanted to be sure about the bone thing, so he took an x-ray and, NO surprise, no broken bones.
So, RIGHT THEN he tells me his OFFICIAL diagnosis. That’s right; no MRI, no further testing of the joint, no further questions about the history of injuries related to that joint. Yep, he figured it out all by himself. His official diagnosis was “soft tissue injury of the lower right extremity”. wow. That is one truly underwhelming diagnosis. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HE ACTUALLY WROTE THAT ON THE SCRIPT FOR PHYSICAL THERAPY. But still, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I thought that maybe he would elaborate with me, so that I could direct the Physical Therapist in some coherent way. So I asked him to elaborate, at which point he made it abundantly clear that really did not know how to elaborate, if the answer was not “a broken bone”. Let’s just say that, for an orthopedic surgeon to make an official diagnosis of “soft tissue damage of the lower right extremity” with NO other specifics is, well, about as stupid and useless as saying, “It’s not a broken bone, so it’s DEFINITELY something else. Would you like me to be less specific?”

As soon as I got home from that appt, I scheduled the appt for today, with another doctor, but within the same group. The doctor I saw today seemed to listen, and gave me his preliminary analysis of what was going on, but an MRI is needed to really know. Well done.
Then again, what would you do with a properly annoyed patient, who shoves a colleague’s diagnosis under your nose and says, “a nine-year-old could have made a more specific diagnosis. I think it’s fair to say that, at this point I should have an MRI.” Oh, yes I did. I was pissed off, and if someone in that medical group could brush off me and my ankle, and MY JOB, then, the next doctor was going to here EVERYTHING, with notes. No, I wasn’t so intimidating as to have papers, the were in my iphone, along with pics of my x-rays if I needed them.
So now I have an MRI scheduled for Wednesday, and on Monday I find out what’s going on.
But I have to ask, What is it with these doctors in Los Angeles? I admit that, having come from NYC, I’m used to good doctors, but MY GOSH, the incompetence I’ve both witnessed and heard about, since moving to LA has been truly extraordinary. And it’s in EVERY field of medicine here, which is creepy and scary, all at once.
Is it just me?

I have the same kind of problem with hairdressers that are anywhere close to me, but that’s a different blog…


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One Response to “Diary of the injured coach?”

  1. Chantalle Says:

    Ugh, I know what you mean about doctors here. They look at you for about ten seconds, prod at your muscles and then give their diagnosis. Completely useless! And then to hear: no more running or cycling. Um…how about no more walking either? How about I just lay in bed the whole day and be a lazy slob?

    Thank god my physical therapist is good and laughed when I told him what my doctor said.

    I hope you figure out what is wrong with your ankle and that it heals soon!

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