Interbike Demo Day – Cannondale Super Six Review

So, I get to Demo Days on time, which was no easy feat, after last night’s iphone issues. I head straight to the Cannondale tent, and low and behold I see a bike with my name written on it. Is it the 2009 Six13 Feminine (Now called the Six Fem)? Nope, it’s last year’s MEN’S 2008 Super Six. Okay, well the Tour leaves soon so I figure alright I’ll give it a try. Except the stem on this 48cm is 110, the bars are 42cm and the saddle is the “no woman should EVER have to sit on” men’s Fisik. Well, I’m a clever girl; I brought my saddle, AND stem just in case (I wanted to demo other rides, and figured that with some men’s bikes I’d need it). But because so much had to be changed out, I didn’t get out until 8:30, well after the tour was under way. Bummer, but fine, I’ll just do my own ride and test out the bike.
Cannondale SuperSix (2008)
The Good
Descends very well, very stable.
Very stiff for Carbon Fiber. Nice feel, absorbs vibrations well.
Tail was stable in sprint.
The Bad
Front end (once again) is way too high for a racing bike, so you can’t really climb well out of the saddle, as it forces you to sit down. This is not a climber’s bike.
Corners OK, but you really have to force it, like it was a a touring bike. Definitely not twitchy enough for me.
Even though I usually ride a 49-51cm men’s bike, the 48cm Cannondale was way too long in the cockpit/ top tube.
In a nutshell; I would not recommend this bike for women. The proportions are inappropriate, unless you have a loong torso, and long arms. You just could not make this fit a normal sized woman.

BTW, the Six Fem, which was originally suppose to be an all Carbon bike will not be; it will be Aluminum with Carbon Stays, basically the same bike as last year.

On a better note for Cannondale, they’ve just hired a new Women’s product manager last week. I spoke with her and she seems very eager to learn about what works for us gals, so maybe by this time next year we’ll see the results of her good work; hopefully in the form of a women’s aggressive geometry carbon fiber frame bike.


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9 Responses to “Interbike Demo Day – Cannondale Super Six Review”

  1. Kris Says:

    I gotta question for you… How many female cyclists have you EVER seen racing on a women’s specific design??? I’ve never seen a one. The women’s bikes are too cushy, too cute and not designed nearly aggressive enough to race. Head tubes (as you said) are set higher so we sit upright. We buy men’s racing bikes for a reason. Get a clue WSD designers! Oh, BTW, every MAN I know has hated the Fisik saddle, too.

  2. ericmaier Says:

    WOW, great post. My wife and i took a look at some CannonDale bikes today. It’s interesting to read that many women believe that the Cannondale Feminine line may be too “cushy” as Kris response suggests.

  3. girl meets bike Says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot about this, particularly for road racing. I think some Pro women ride the Look 585 for women, but I can’t think of any other “women’s geometry bike” in the Pro circuit. Hey, if you can name a really good one, speak up; we need to hear about it.

    I think I know why “Women’s Mis-Fit” has occurred in the last few years, but you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for the Premiere Issue of “Girl on Bike” to find out my secret theory and cure.

  4. Anonymous Says:

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