How Cycling is Different for Women: Reaching Out.

Warning: What follows is an attempt to gain information heuristically, by survey, discussion and further research and analysis. Women, the more honest you are with me, the better I can understand the issues, so that we can all help to solve them. It will also contain both normal vernacular and medical terms, with reference to the female anatomy.

If you are a gentleman visitor here, I respectfully hand you your plate of “no boys ALOUD” right now. Go to the back of the room, sit down, and start listening, but please say nothing, and do not answer the polls if you do not have the equipment. I really only want to hear first hand experience. Thank you.

Ladies, I may have the opportunity to translate the information I gather here to help the industry gain better understanding of women’s saddle / chamois design. There are only, two questions here, but your answer is very important. You don’t have to register for anything, so you can remain anonymous and answer should take less than a minute. Thank you so much in advance, as I would really like to help as many women as I can, to cycle pain-free.
I’ve switched polling software to make it a little easier to answer.

(Here’s a link, if you are not sure of the symptoms)
If you experience pain either in the clitoris or urethra, would you please answer one more question?

If you would prefer to tell me your experiences directly, please email me at


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2 Responses to “How Cycling is Different for Women: Reaching Out.”

  1. Leenie Says:

    great article.. so glad to hear some great suggestions and start enjoying my long rides… split saddle sounds like the answer.

  2. AT Says:

    Hi Girl!
    First of all thanks for that article and the poll – it’s relieving to know it’s not just me being somehow strange and that the clitoris pain is much more common than I could expect (most of my cycling buddies are males, they couldn’t help me much in that case).

    I’ve recently bought a road bike, having a few years experience on a mountain bike and at the beggining it was a disaster – the clitoris and arm pains were unbearable. The bike was positioned, I changed the saddle to a split one, purchased proper shorts – it all helped a bit but not enough. What worked for me is not mentioned on your site so I though I may share my story to maybe help someone in need.

    I was used to a mountain bike and was trying to bring my mtb position onto a road bike. The thing was that after leaning forward I was resting my weight on a different part of the sit bones, the point of connection between them and the saddle was moved slightly forward (comparing to the more upward position) and as a result my bones were not located on the widest part of the saddle but more towards the middle of it. I sat more on the soft tissue than on the bones, rubbing the clit and putting a lot of weight on my arms. It was the matter of milimetres and as such difficult to notice to the people who were trying to help me, and even for myself. What’s more, during the ride I was going back to my mtb slightly “crouched” position which moved me towards the front of the bike.
    What turned out to be the solution in my case was lifting (!!) the nose of the saddle slightly so I stayed at the back of it (the soft part of my bum sticks behind the saddle now), plus learning to keep my upper body straight. A split saddle is obviously a must.
    It seems intuitive and surprises even myself that I didn’t feel where my sitbones were exactly located, nonetheless it took me a few weeks and a lot of pain to sort it out. Maybe there are some girls out there to whom my story might be useful.

    Wishing only comfortable rides to all of you, girls!

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