Brand New: “girl meets bike club”, The Private Social Network

What is “girl meets bike club” Private Social Network, Anyway?

Think of it as Facebook, but with a big bouncer at the door; above him the sign reads “This is a private club: all girls (over 16) on all bikes.”

It is your virtual club house. Come in, chat, bring friends to hang out with. upload pictures or video and share them. Meet women who ride all kinds of bikes. The more you put into your membership, the more fun you have.

  • Post pictures of your bikes
  • post reviews of stuff you like (and don’t)
  • Do a blog of a great ride you just had.
  • Come to Virtual Women’s Bike Summit’s (a scheduled chat event, which will be Multi-Media)
  • Chat live with friends from all over the world
  • Find riding partners as you’re passing through town.
  • Post a question in the forums
  • Add features and widgets to your personal club webpage
  • Find advice about commuting, fixing your bike, tips on riding and safety, etc.
  • Download pics and videos directly from Flickr, Youtube, & your iphone!

Why over 16? Because, (in the US) at 16 you become an adult on your bike; you make the choice to wear your helmet or not. Before that the law says that you must wear a helmet. It also seems an appropriate age for some of the possible adult topics that might come up with reference to women’s anatomy while bike riding.

Local Groups:
There are Local Groups, which are repository for advice about Local Bike Shops, rides and routes for women. For instance, starting in November, twice a month I’ll go into a different local bike shop, looking for things that women need for their bikes and riding (clothes, components, bikes, advice, service). While my public magazine will have the glossy version, the most “real” stuff will be here. Bitching, and solutions, best bang for your buck, as well as which bike shop staff to avoid, and who are THE go-to people, locally. Remember, as a “large group of organized consumers, we wield far more power than one individual.

Hey, I’m a woman on a bike. How do I join?

For now, invitations are sent to women who I’m sure are women; women that I know and women that I’ve followed virtually (bloggers and twitterers). Within the next week I’ll work out other ways to filter membership requests.

Why only women? Well, if you’ve read the rest of my blog here, then you know that I see a lot of differences between men and women while bike riding. I’ve found that in most virtual cycling forums that are popular, men dominate the conversations, even in the “women’s designated areas”. I wanted to form a virtual space that felt a little different. A safe, comfortable, testosterone free environment. Thus the idea of “girl meets bike, the virtual club” was born. There’s no charge to join. It’s all about the fun of it.

If you are a woman on a bike, and would like to join, please contact, and I will be happy to review your request. Expect to show me proof that:

1. You are a girl over 16.

2. You ride a bike.


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