Girl Meets Bike’s “Rules of The Road” for avoiding accidents

Check you bike for Safety, before you go out – Short list: Skewers, brakes, tires, gears, seat height. Carry a repair kit.

LL, double L, double L rule

Look before you Left – If you are riding on a bike on a road, before moving even just a few inches to your left, look to your left for faster passing traffic. This is a simple concept, but is vital to adhere to, for self preservation. If you don’t, you’ll likely collide with traffic, which could be a car or a bike. I promise you, neither is pleasant, and you will lose in the battle of momentum.

RR, double R, double R rule

Right is Rear– And when things go very bad, generally Right is Right (correct). When you need to slow down in a hurry, squeeze your rear (right) brake first (unless, you are British) and then your Left (unless you are British).

Wear Your Helmet – I wear my helmet every time I ride. This is not because of the way that I ride; I’m a totally awesome rider. No, I wear my helmet every time that I ride because of the way that other people drive and ride. Because the fact is, it doesn’t matter how awesome I am, getting hit from behind will vastly increase my chances of flight. I’m  increasing my odds of surviving that landing, BRAIN intact, by wearing a helmet every time.

Pay Attention – Pay attention to the traffic and obstacles on the road. When you ask most people about bike accidents, they always seem to just come out of nowhere (oooo, ghostbike). Well, if You are not paying attention to You on a bike, why should anyone else feel obligated to?

Be Visible & Predictable – You are far less likely to get into an accident with other traffic , if you indicate what you are doing to the traffic around you. Drivers will generally respect you as a cyclist, if you predictably stay six inches into the lane (except where to do so is not safe). At night, dusk and dawn be as visible as you can with plenty of lights (front & back) and clothing with reflective material.

Scan the Road- Constantly and consistently scan the road with your eyes for glass or other debris, moving objects right or left. Use your left ear to hone in on the traffic behind you, but remember that some traffic (like a bicycle, or an electric car) is all but silent, so still

Look before you Left, or Double L


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