The Race Across AMerica: She is Legend, I am crew…

The Race Across AMerica, known as the RAAM, starts on Tues June 16th at High Noon (cue tumbleweed) for women soloists like Janet Christiansen.  (aka the Osprey). As a crew member I have prepared as well as I could, but ultimately this is her race, and her race alone. I can’t imagine being in her shoes right now. I know she’s ready; there’s a vibe that you get from someone who’s about to do something great, and Janet’s got it.

The crew, Team Osprey 2009, has got it. Due to a simple twist of fate, I’ll be the only starting crew member who has not participated in an Ultra-distance race event. I must admit that when I look at my fellow crew members I’m quite in awe. I’m definitely the rookie on this team, which is VERY cool. There is nothing quite like an adventure where you jump in with both feet, not quite knowing what’s coming. I’ve geeked out in learning the route, but I have no idea how useful all my studies will be for the rest of the crew. Our crew chief, Bill Osborn, seems to know exactly what is needed, and thankfully, he’s an excellent communicator.We had a successful training weekend some weeks ago, where we got a chance to  As a rookie on this RAAM team, I’ll have to learn how this team communicates with one another.


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  1. Jeffy Says:

    Thank you for share.

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