Life On The Road With Team Osprey

Stress, exhaustion, craziness; and the race hasn’t even been on for twenty four hours yet. AND I’m not even talking about Janet (our solo female rider in the Race Across AMerica). I’m talking about the crew. Imagine knowing someone for a few hours, and by this circumstance only, having to treat this person like your very best, most intimate, BFF. Now multiply that by 7 crew members, and subtract any chance of actual sleep. That’s the situation. So far, the crew seems to be holding up well. We have good people on the team, and most of us are older (over forty) so there’s a maturity to this team that makes it flow well.

Janet is looking awesome; She rode well into the night and played leap frog with another female rider, and the only solo male rider over 60. (I’ll get the names and rider numbers as soon as I can). They are all moving at speeds around 15-20miles per hour. That’s an insanely fast pace, considering some of the hills. I suspect that the pace will slow down a bit today, as theyare about to cliimb the Colorado Plateau. This will be one of the hardest climbs of the race. If all goes well, the front racers will make it to Flagstaff Az by late tonight.

Drama section: Janet’s personality is to play by the rules, so when a race official came up to me and said she had run a stop sign, I was thought it very odd. They gave her a 15 minute penalty. Then I found out from Janet that it was a yield sign, and therefore no violation. We contested the penalty, and told pictures of the sign, so hopefully we will have that quickly removed. When Janet found out about the penalty, I was worried that she’d freak out over the “unfairness of it all. “But instead of Janet getting angry about it, she used it as a motivator to go faster. That’s the heart of a true champion, and I’m really proud of her for that.

Janet is being tracked by (a live GPS tracker provided by our team member Greg Hendrickson, so you can keep track of us as she races across the country.


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