Race Across AMerica: day 9

There comes a point when you witness another human do something so extraordinary, that it forces you to change your perspective of the indelible human spirit. I’ve witnessed such an event tonight.
I got on duty at about 8:00pm, and understood that there was a good chance of rain. We saw lightning off In the distance and clouds that looked ominous. Janet seemed determined to get to the next time station in spite of reports that the route was being flooded up ahead. This particular part of the course was complex, so I worked hard to keep us on course as we made it through the back roads of Ohio. Many wonderful people came out to cheer Janet on, even as we approached the impending storm. By 11:00 Lightning flashes became more frequent and rain went from light to driving as we made our way through the darkness. I was watching Janet closely as she climbed the rolling hills. The rain drops became larger. Then all of a sudden, the loud claps of thunder became muffled by a deafeningly loud sound: hail pellets hitting the top of the van. The incredible thing is that Janet didn’t stop. Seemingly oblivious to the the crazy weather around her, she kept pedaling until we told her that she had to stop. I ran out to grab her bike, feeling the ice pellets beating me silly. Once in the van, under the orders of our crew chief, Janet fell fast asleep. I can only wonder what the heck drives someone to be so determined that they have to be yanked off their bike and forced to rest in weather like this. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone like Janet, but I’m I’m sure glad I have.


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One Response to “Race Across AMerica: day 9”

  1. Martha Van Inwegen Says:

    Janet’s drive inspires us all. You’re hard work and keeping up with her inspires us too! You’re awesome.

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