Girl Meets E Bike, & Interbike’s must-do party!

Exciting things are happening at Intebike this year!

Biggest Bike TweetUp Ever…

The wonderful thing about Social Media is that it only takes a few good people to create a great social  phenomenon. This is what happened to the Interbike  “Bike TweetUp”. What began as a few Twitter folk meeting up (known as a TweetUp) has quickly become THE Interbike Social Main Event. As far as I can tell, EVERYONE that is ANYONE from the cycling industry is taking note of this party.

Beyond just the normal TweetUp, this event is now a charity benefit for two superb charities: both Aids LifeCycle and BIKE MS will benefit from the raffle that will occur throughout the evening. Bike Biz has the latest on the absolute plethora of companies ready to support these two worthy charities. Girl Meets Bike has joined that list, by donating some fine women’s cycling apparel by Etxe Ondo, and Castelli. I’m so happy to be able to contribute!

As with all great memes, Interbike’s Bike TweetUp is taking on a life of its own. It now has a Twitter account, a Blog, and (this is sofa king cool) a live broadcast of the party. So if you can’t actually be in Vegas at the party, you’ll still be able to experience it LIVE on Ustream.Starts on Tuesday Sept 22nd at 7:00pm.

Bike TweetUp is the brainchild of:

(via Bike Biz)

Martha VanInwegen – Action Wipes

David Bernstein – The Fredcast

Jeff Helfand –

Brian Hodes – VeloImages

Carlton Reid – BikeBiz.Com

Markus Neuert – Cyclefilm

More on Bike TweetUp to come…

Girl Meets E Bike

You know Sanyo; it’s a name we all know well, and associate with electronic products. So who better then Sanyo to become a part of the “Electric bicycle” revolution. They will be unveiling their first iteration of an electric bike, along with a Solar Charging Station, and I’ll be there for my first, Girl Meets Electric Bike encounter. It ‘s called the Eneloop. More about Sanyo’s Eneloop Bike, and Solar Charging Station from Design Boom. Press event  will be on Wednesday. Are these public E-Bike Stations practical from a woman’s POV?  We’ll seee…


One Response to “Girl Meets E Bike, & Interbike’s must-do party!”

  1. century Trainer Says:

    bike tweet up – that is an awesome idea! shame we don’t get events like this organised in the UK. it was awesome to see Lance Armstrong doing a similar thing up in Scotland and Ireland a few weeks back.

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