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How it all went terribly pair shaped….

August 27, 2009

I won’t be doing the Furnace Creek 508 this year because I ran out of money. That’s the short explanation. The long explanation is that the combination of the economy tanking, and three major financial blows in one month killed any plans I had of  doing the Furnace Creek 508; all of a sudden it had become way too expensive, and out of my reach.

It’s hard to plan for something like this, and then have it pulled from under your feet. I’ve been working on doing a major race/ fundraising event for about a year. Every bit of training effort that I had went into this. But, all in the same month, my dog got bitten by a nasty off-leash dog costing us a fortune in veterinary bills, then our garden had major erosion control issues (threatening the integrity of our house) and then our SUV blew up, which was suppose to be the follow van. When I realized that I’d have to rent a “follow van” for about 5 days, that was the breaking point. It was like trying to tap blood from a stone.

In the end, all the money that I had for The 508, just wasn’t there, and then some. I’m behind the eight ball at this point, trying to make the best of things, to come back from this, but it’s going to take some time, certainly more than I have for this year.  I am heartbroken. I really wanted to do this, or at least do the fundraiser, but I don’t even have the money for that.

Another hard part about this: my training was going really well! With the exception of a bizarre soreness that I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks, my power/mass has been improving steadily. What a bummer to be all dressed up like this, with no place to go.

Then there’s the weight that I added specifically so that I could start cranking out the watts as I lost it. Ugh, now I have to lose those pounds by diet, rather than extra work and cycling.

It’s embarrassing to have your whole year’s worth of planning time and effort crushed like this; without a steady direction of where to go what to do next, I feel like a fish out of water. Indeed this has been my beautiful disaster.

On the other hand, I’ve often said that what doesn’t kill you makes an interesting story, so I’m hoping that in spite of a lack of fun 508 tales I should still have enough from my adventures as a coach, bike fitter, and bike clothing retailer, and RAAM crew member, for a fascinating book called “Girl Meets Bike Book”. For the next little while, I’ll be writing my little heart out, trying to create a book that will inspire you, yes you, to get on your bike and feel joy, get exercise, and save money too.

PLUG,PLUG, place to shop:

I’ll also be opening my online store again, and I’m selling some of last season’s goods HERE. I’m selling incredible stuff at an absolute bargain right now, so pick up some deals now, while you can (and help a girl get back in the saddle, financially).

SheBeest Pedal Pushers – All this and Style Points as Well

November 19, 2007

May 2007

I really love these. My test for a good chamois is to do 40 miles of flat road riding. This means that almost all of my time is connected to the saddle. SheBeest Pedal Pushers passed this test, with only one minor hot spot (remedied by a little chamois creme).
At first I thought that the leg elastic would be too tight for my large calves, but once on the bike, I realized that the elastic was just below my calf muscle, making for a very comfortable “on bike” fit. The length is very well done, and creates a beautiful, slimming line. (TALL GALS, or gals with long legs – please go one size up). I should also mention that these ride low in the front, but I find the cut both comfortable and good looking on and off the bike. At $85.00, I’d say these are an all around winner for the cooler months.

June 2007

I just have to mention that are these my all-time favs for mountain biking; there’s no excess material, and the fabric has held upvery well with brushes with trail. By that I mean that my knees have come in contact with the trail, and the fabric did not tear; now that’s good fabric. It also feels surpisingly soft.
It also has the chamois that I wore most (the Shelastic Chamois) in AIDS LifeCycle 6. I did 90 miles, then 105 miles, then 90 miles in the Shelastic, and it performed superbly, with no hot spots. The chamois HANDS DOWN performed better than any other for long distances. (I love the SSS Shorts as well, which have the same chamois.)

Final Update
November 2007

I have two pair of SheBeest Pedal Pushers, and one pair of the SSS short. I would recommend either as an excellent middle price range short. The chamois has held up well through thousands of miles, both mountain and road, and the material has never ripped or torn, though I’ve given it plenty of chances. Unfortunately, the chamois on my pedal pushers has finally “permanently compressed”, indicating the end of the life of the chamois. These have lasted me a good long time, so I’d say that they are a tremendous value.

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