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Shella Moon has Won me Over

September 27, 2008

Without giving away too much, I will say that her collection this year is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The commuter clothes are SO pretty, you’d never guess that they’re meant for the bike. Here’s a quick picture, to show you the direction Shiela Moon is headed for Spring 2009.

reviews soon…

Women’s Cycling Clothes Clearing house

September 19, 2008

Some of my 2008 cycling outfits are nearly gone, so I thought I’d make a page of what I have left. I’ll update daily, so keep checking it if you want a great bargain. Most items will sell at 30%, some a bit more. I can deliver locally. Contact me at if you are interested in anything on the Clearing House page. Visit
and btw,
Avast! ARRRR, Happy Talk like a Pirate Day! Arrr…

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