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The Stitch Bitch of Cycling

September 18, 2008

Stitch Bitch.
That’s what what one gal called me. We laughed.
Hmmm, umm, yeah, I own that.
It refers to my insistence that every garment made for women in cycling be comfortable against the skin. My venders should pay attention, here: this makes the simple overlock stitch a Clothing Technology Crime or CTC. Why?
Designers, of cycling clothing, gather ’round (in my best Tim Gunn voice). Women, in general, have softer skin; we also have less natural protection (hair) covering our bodies. That makes us more vulnerable to chaffing and skin irritation from a rubbing seam. The Flatlock stitch, along with good design solves these irritation problems.
Honestly, I can’t take rotten quality in stitching, and I simply don’t tolerate in my store. I must admit that I was not entirely pleased with quality control from some of the cycling brands I chose for my store. The more time I spend in the saddle, the more I realize that my sacred inner mantra was ignored, as I chose some items last year by emotion first, instead of quality. There’s only one brand that never wavered on quality, and that was Etxe Ondo. Everything was flawless, and all customers were happy. I delight in wearing it, myself (as you’ve probably guessed).
I’ll be switching up some of my brands, because the ONE thing I learned about women’s cycling retail, is that “Women Want Quality” (OOOMMM), Marc Jacobs is an easy sell, payless, not so much…

I’m going to add a private section to the “girl on bike” website, called The Stitch Bitch. This section will require a password to get in, but it will reveal why I’m dropping some brands, and picking up others, and what I REALLY thought about being behind the scenes in the Bike Industry. Yes I’ll say what companies shined this year, but I’m going to start talking (a bit) more publicly, where, exactly, some of the bike industry is truly fucking up in getting women on bikes, and how others are being more progressive and finally getting it; women “hold the balls” of the cycling business in three ways:
1. For MOST American households, women make the financial decisions.
2. Women make up a large part of “commuter cyclists”; it’s where we shine, because for many of us, we just like the freedom of being a girl on a bike, and see cycling as a way to multi-task travel, fun and exercise.
3. Now that women’s bikes, clothing, parts and tools have been totally dialed by some companies, women are flocking to the companies who got it right. Big frickin’ hint, guys, it’s not always pink. Conversely, women generally did not tolerate things that did not fit, or were not of the premium quality. They returned that which was sub-par.
So, this year I may seem like a harmless kitty at Interbike, but look out (grrr) here comes The Stitch Bitch!
Next week, I use my Super Powers for good, or evil…
Ya got dat?!!!

QUICK UPDATE: Just got back from Interbike; girls, let’s just say that we have LOTS to look forward to, if the buyers do their job right. Solid colors are more on trend, and can be matched to the Spring Haute Couture colors, and the prints are reminiscent of Pucci, Versace, and Miu Miu. Fabric technology, and garment construction is DEFINITELY improving. Will post pics as soon as I can.

Etxe Ondo Bremen Jersey – Feel Comfortable and Sexy in Meryl

November 28, 2007

Anyone who has heard speak of Cycling Clothing needn’t listen for very long before they hear me mention “Etxe Ondo” (pronounced Et-Che-On-Doe). Etxe Ondo is a Clothing Brand from The Basque Country, and produces what I consider the finest clothing in the business.
I admit that since becoming a buyer, I have become picky. I like good materials that last, and are comfortable: fabrics that lay well against the body, and are also technically superior. I insist on seams that are flatlocked, because my skin is sensitive and can chaff from simple overlock seams. Enter Etxe Ondo. If you ever have the opportunity to look at one of these garments (and you’re as picky as I), you will be in heaven. Just turn the garment inside out and you’ll see the quality in cut, design and stitching. The quality of the fabrics is apparent in the feel and look.

The Bremen Jersey
The Bremen Jersey is a Basic Jersey; the cut is classic and refined. The Meryl fabric is the perfect choice for comfort and style. When I first tried it on, I was so impressed with the cut of the jersey (Etxe Ondo makes sure that your garment will fit properly while riding) but I was curious about how the thicker Meryl fabric would perform in Southern California. Wouldn’t it be too hot? Well, no. It is a perfect jersey for all but the hottest days here (and I own the black jersey). In fact, for me, my Bremen is “THE” jersey – you know, the one I always want to grab for, because it’s so comfortable.
But the shocker for me had to be my husband’s reaction to this jersey. My husband is not a roadie, and he’s definitely NOT into KIT, or outfits that make you look like a cyclist. He has seen me in well over a hundred jerseys, and his opinion, when I ask him is always the same:
“Honey, what do you think of this jersey? How does it look?”
“Um, ah, um, like a jersey?”
Until he saw the Bremen on me. Then his reaction was:
“That’s a jersey? That’s HAWT!!!
’nuff said.
That’s why I sell this Jersey in the Boutique.

Bremen Jersey

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