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Sullivan Canyon – Ghostly Memories of a Singletrack That Once Was

December 23, 2009

Here’s a video going up Sullivan Canyon, since the bulldozers have trimmed it down to a gravel superhighway. My husband was kind enough to speed up trail in the featureless sections, so that I could show what they’ve done to the formerly fun riding features. I know that it will make sense to people that have ridden up Sullivan Canyon, but I hope it’s entertaining enough for the general populace.

Music:  Clocks by Coldplay/ Buena Vista Social Club, remix on Rhythms del Mundo: Cuba

I have fond memories of Sullivan Canyon. It was the first trail I ever lived through hell on,  and laughed all through it. I remember passing my bike down a ten foot cliff, because the rains of 2005 washed everything away. There was still water up to your hubs. I point to it at 4:07 in the video.

I remember when this became my favorite trail. The constant changes in the trail from both rain and “first rider” ingenuity, made it fun and challenging (if not a bit risky). Though I am saddened by Sully’s lack of immediate challenge, I look forward to the new obstacles that water and earth will surely form in this beautiful place.

Just A Girl On a Single Speed

This is in Big Sycamore Canyon, on Guadalasca and Two Foxes trail. It had been a while since I’d been on my single speed mountain bike, so I had a few difficulties.

Just A Guad

Music: Just A Girl by No Doubt



November 20, 2007


3849 Main Street

Culver City, CA 90232

WOMEN’S Sporting Goods Shop

If my shop had a big sister, I’d want it to be Sporteve. This is an amazing women’s sporting goods shop, and it’s because owner D’Lynda Fischer is one of the most knowledge buyers in the business. Her selection spans many sports: triathlons, kayaking, hiking, cycling. This is great because there’s a lot of great clothing and accessories that cross over from sport to sport. But what really makes her shop so special, is that she has already made the hard decisions for you; she has picked out the best helmet, clothing and shoes for women, so that women don’t have to go from shop to shop, trying to figure out what brand is good quality. Basically, if Sporteve carries it, you can trust that it’s a great brand, and that it works well for women.
The other thing that is particularly impressive is the “support section” in the shop. Not only is there a fantastic variety of bras, but all sales staff are well trained to help you pick out the bra support for you. For sure, they have something for every size and shape; they even have the ENELL bra, that Oprah recommends for “big girls”.
The other “treat” that Sporteve carries is Wool active wear for women. She might just be the only place in town for Ibex wear, makers of wonderfully soft wool clothing.
Ladies, if you usually go to bike shops for your cycling clothing, give yourself a treat; try a shopping excursion to Sporteve. You won’t be disappointed.

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