Why Cycle “Maven?” Why “girl meets bike”

The word “maven” first came into focus for me while reading “The Tipping Point” by Malcom Gladwell. In this elegantly written book, Mr. Gladwell explains how ‘ideas’ spread through a given population, much in the same way that a virus spreads through said population. That is, not slowly and evenly, but rather, with a strong and forceful pace at first, spreading through the group by “infected carriers” of the idea. Eventually the idea reaches a “tipping point”, after which the idea has saturates the population. Well, what if we were to use this principle to get people in LA healthier happier, and more involved with each other?
Well, I have a couple of dreams.

Dream ONE
Los Angeles County becomes a bike town. It’s a perfect candidate: good weather, plenty of health conscious people, as well as those wishing to make a smaller eco-footprint. But how do you create a tipping point like that?

Dream TWO
More women in Los Angeles riding more bikes EVERYWHERE. This has so many benefits I can hardly begin to list them:

– more women become healthy, and gain a sense of independence and freedom at the same time.
– more women on bikes means less women in cars.
– more women on bikes means more drivers empathetic to cyclists on the road.
– more women on bikes means more children influenced by Mom’s healthy lifestyle, and transportation choice
– more women on bikes creates a larger “cycling community” thereby getting more people out of themselves, and interested in others.
– more women on bikes means “more demand, so more supply.” That translates to better bikes, clothing and accessories being offer to women in the bike shops.
-more women on bikes means more people concerned with safe streets for riders
– more women on bikes means more charity riders, so more lives saved, and more research done for good causes

I could go on (you know I could).

So how do you get more women on bikes in the LA area?
You create a tipping point.

Malcolm Gladwell breaks down the ingredients needed to create a tipping point. In order to get the idea or message out into the population, you need three types of people: a Connector, a Maven, and a Salesman.
According to Mr Gladwell, the Maven is the one that conveys that the idea is valid. This is the person who does all the research to make sure that they have the right information to give to the public. A good example of a maven is a consumer advocate. It’s the person the public trusts as a valid source of information. With humility (and tipping my hat to Malcolm Gladwell) I take on the label of “Cycle Maven” with all seriousness. I’ve utilized my background as a research analyst to derive what products are suited best for female cyclists. I’ve used my M.S. in Physics to understand the mechanics behind female cycling, and how it differs from male cycling.
That’s why I became a coach, and it’s why I took on the (slightly arduous) task of a retail business; I am determined to solve the problems in this town that are preventing women from getting on bikes.
I believe that with the right equipment, support and information, the women in LA would get on their bikes more often. The big surprise for them will be how unbelievably fun it is.

Are you a Connector?
Are you a Salesman?
If you like this concept and think you can help, email me:

UPDATE: So, why am I changing names? Well, although my mission is still pretty much the same, the names,
“girl meets bike” and
girl on bike” are

stickier or easier to remember.

As you can see the logo will also be simpler, easier to remember icon.


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