Best Demo of the Year – Colnago CX-1

I’ve always wanted to try a Colnago, but this was the first opportunity I had. Wow, what a bike to start out with!
After trying a couple of other meh bikes, I see a woman hop off the Colnago at the station so I rush up to see if I can try it. I ask if it’s OK to put on my stem, and after a small discussion, they allow it. Smart move, because I took it out on the loop, and I worked this bike. It fit, and it was a shockingly delicious geometry. Some of the best I’ve EVER ridden.
Let me just say now that even though this is a “unisex” bike, it will be available in 50cm, 48cm, 46cm and EVEN 42cm(!!!), so ladies, if you want this bike, there’s a size for you.

The first thing I noticed was the stability on the downhill at speed (I hit ~ 40mph). With a rock solid front end, I could really push down on the bars, and the back end never wagged or lagged. On a flat road, I found comfort in all three classic hand positions; I could truly ride this bike all day long, with a smile. But this bike SHINES in a sprint or climb. Easily to stand and climb (or sit), and the bike stays with you, spry and playful on the Sprint. I would say that the only thing I did not love about this bike was the componentry (SRAM RED) which is not a fault of the bike, just a preference of “jewelry”, if you will.
This year I’ve had the opportunity to test out MANY “Women’s design” bikes, including Trek, Cannondale, Specialized , Giant, and Look. This hermaphrodite is far and above, the best bike I’ve tested all year long.
I’ll go to the Colnago booth tomorrow, and take more pictures of this beautiful beast.

Colnago CX-1

Colnago CX-1

I love this bike

I love this bike


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  1. Yen Uknown Says:

    I wanted to let you know that I have been watching for a a couple of days and I would like to sign up for the updated feed.

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